About us

About us

Mabrouklyn is a fashion company, creative studio and community hub.

We partner with existing brands and collaborate with independent artists to showcase designs that are educational and celebratory, centred on urban nature and civic life, with a particular focus on the cultures of overlooked and marginalised communities.

Our creative studio is made up of talented illustrators and designers who often haven't been given a shot in the mainstream industry. We work to align their styles and passions with our values and campaigns, all to make beautiful, purpose-driven and storytelling fashion.

We don't believe a sale should be the end of our engagement with you, nor a piece of clothing the extent of our common passions. Instead, we want take the sources and substance of our inspiration to an even wider audience. Stay tuned as we organise our own events, workshops and exhibits so we can engage further and form meaningful connections together.

Whether you're here for a t-shirt, to support a mission or to learn together - welcome! Do follow us on social media and, as ever, feel free to reach out!



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